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Article: Yuichi Takemata's "Bread Knife" Pre-sale only at our store!


Yuichi Takemata's "Bread Knife" Pre-sale only at our store!

Sales start from 21:00 on 12/27 (Sun)! ! !

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A new bread knife from Yuichi Takemata, a popular metal craftsman in Kanazawa, will be available at our online shop!

Pre-sale only at FOOD FOR THOUGHT ahead of other stores. For the time being, you can only buy it at our store.

The first lot will be available for shipment to customers in early January 2021 (scheduled for 6th to 10th).

Bread knives are tools that are used every day, but there are not many choices in Japan. In response to the customer's voice, "I want a nice bread knife!"

Features (writer's story):

1. Sharpness is better than commercially available ones.

2. The blade is slightly curved to make it look elegant.

3. It has a mirror finish so that there is no resistance when cutting. (If it is a mat, it will be difficult to cut due to the resistance of the surface.)

4. A design that snuggles up to an organically shaped cutting board.

5, the handle part is fastened with brass rivets. Finished in a classical atmosphere with an old-fashioned finish.

We have created a masterpiece that blends well with your tableware and has outstanding sharpness.

This year has seen more people spend more time at home and bake more bread and baked goods at home. It is a pleasure for us to be able to introduce this kind of work so that we can find even a little bit of a bright sign in our lives in a stagnant atmosphere.

“I cut bread every day for myself and for my loved ones.”
It is a bread knife that brings joy to such a simple time. Limited quantity in stock. Please take this opportunity to try it.


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Length (total): 30cm / Blade length: 20cm / Handle: 10cm
Material: Stainless steel/Brass for rivets only