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Article: "Masayuki Miyagi Exhibition" will be held from 4/10 (sat) to 4/12 (mon) at the Nishiogi store!

「宮城正幸 展」4/10(sat)~4/12(mon)@西荻店で開催!

"Masayuki Miyagi Exhibition" will be held from 4/10 (sat) to 4/12 (mon) at the Nishiogi store!

*Please refrain from inquiring about inventory, prices, exhibition works, online sales, etc.

At the FOOD FOR THOUGHT Nishiogi store, from April 10th (Sat) to April 12th (Mon), 2021, the potter Masayuki Miyagi, who is making pottery in Nanjo City, Okinawa Masayuki) will hold his first solo exhibition at our store!

Reservation ticket system from 11:00 to 15:00 on the first day. After that, anyone can enter without a reservation.

“Celadon glaze” with a beautiful blue that looks like the sea of Okinawa, “Ash glaze” with an attractive deep green, “White glaze” with a white gradation like weathered rock, and brown glaze that whets the appetite. "Yamabuki" is a new color with beautiful skin. This time, Mr. Miyagi is making various forms of works with these four colors of finish.

As it is well known, Mr. Miyagi's popularity with customers is enormous, and he is a super popular artist who is the first to sell out at our store, both in special exhibitions and online. Most of the customers are repeaters because of its irresistible charm, and they collect various colors and shapes.

The dynamic kiln transformation works on the rough and rough base look heavy at first glance, but when you pick them up, they are surprisingly light and well-balanced. is characterized by its uniformity. It is easy to imagine that it is very difficult to control, but Mr. Miyagi perfectly handled this difficult glaze and the clay, which would not be easy to grind, and produced almost the same size kiln with almost no error. I'm going to arrange it strangely.

There must be a personality of the person himself, and I am impressed by his excellent and accurate technique and concentration. From the customer's point of view, one of the reasons for its popularity is the sense of security that comes from being able to buy more works that you want each time you hold a solo exhibition. It is also convinced that many professional chefs support it.

This time, of course, we have the standard items such as various plates, mugs, goblets, and wine glasses. You may even make a one-of-a-kind item. .

All the staff are looking forward to welcoming you in Nishiogi. Please look forward to it!


Masayuki Miyagi Biography
1978 Born in Okinawa
2003 Studied under Koji Iki
2013 Opened Miyagi pottery kiln in Nanjo City


"Masayuki Miyagi Exhibition" April 10th (Sat) to April 12th (Mon), 2021

Reservations are required from 11:00 to 15:00 on the first day.
After that, anyone can enter.

2-9-15 Nishiogikita, Suginami-ku, 167-0042
Toyosaka Nishiogi Mansion 113