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Article: "Kumichi Kiyooka solo exhibition" @ Uehara store 9/18~20!

清岡幸道さんの個展。FOOD FOR THOUGHT/フードフォーソート上原店にて。

"Kumichi Kiyooka solo exhibition" @ Uehara store 9/18~20!

An admission ticket is required from 11:00 to 15:00 on the first day of "Kyomichi Kiyooka Solo Exhibition".
Tickets are sold out, but anyone can enter without a reservation after 15:00 on the first day.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT will hold the first solo exhibition of ceramic artist Yukimichi Kiyooka, who continues to make pottery in Shigaraki, from September 18th (Sat) to September 20th (Mon), 2021.

Mr. Kiyooka's work always receives many inquiries at FOOD FOR THOUGHT. The long-awaited first solo exhibition has been carried out.

Standing in the store, I can feel the change in the works that customers pick up in the second year of the corona crisis. Before last year, FFT's relatively crisp, edgy monotone works were popular, but recently organic works that give a sense of the warmth of the soil and primitive works that give a sense of the depth of the glaze. More people took it.

I believe that this is not unrelated to difficult social conditions. I instinctively feel that people's tastes are returning to the fundamental direction. This trend applies to food, clothing, and housing as a whole, and is the trend of green in fashion one of the phenomena?
It is really timely to be able to hold Mr. Kiyooka's solo exhibition in such a flow, and I feel that it will be a milestone for both customers and FFT. His work is the best for those who want to feel the clay and the iron and minerals in the glaze directly with their skin!

At first glance, Kiyooka's work looks simple because of its understated expression, but when you hold it in your hand, you will be amazed at its eloquence.

It's made so light and thin that if you lift it up imagining the weight of the earth, you'll hear a voice in the gap. The glaze is thickly applied, but the groundwork is very finely ground and gives a sensitive impression.

Mr. Kiyooka's highly unique works that transcend nationality, which are unlikely and unlike anyone else, complement the cuisine at a high level.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT director Yuko Watanabe fell in love at first sight with Kiyooka's work, this crystal white glaze. Watanabe's criteria for deciding which works to sell at our restaurant is "whether or not you want to serve food." , Watanabe made a rare comment.

Don't miss Kiyooka's work, which I would like many people to pick up at this timing. (Igarashi)
Biography of Koudou Kiyooka
1969 Born in Tokyo
1993 Graduated from Department of Crafts, Osaka University of Arts
1996 Became a creative trainee at the Shiga Prefectural Shigaraki Ceramic Art Park After working at a pottery factory in Shigaraki
2007 Opened independent kiln
Yukimichi Kiyooka solo exhibition
At FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara store
From 9/18 (Sat) to 9/20 (Mon), 2021
Reservation ticket system until 15:00 on the first day
After that, you can enter without reservation.
* Reservation tickets will be accepted on our special ticket reservation site ( ) from 21:00 on 9/11 (Sat).
2-33-4 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo