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Article: "Yuichi Takemata Exhibition" 3/26 (Sat.) ~ 3/29 (Tue.) Uehara store

「竹俣勇壱 展」3/26(土) ~ 3/29(火) 上原店で開催

"Yuichi Takemata Exhibition" 3/26 (Sat.) ~ 3/29 (Tue.) Uehara store

The FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara store will hold the first solo exhibition of metalwork artist Yuichi Takemata from Saturday, March 26 to Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

Reservation required until 14:00 on the first day (reception ends).
After that, anyone can enter without reservation.


"Servers" and "bread knives" are very popular at our store and are always at the top of the waiting list. The products that our customers are looking for and the world view of Mr. Takemata's works must be a perfect match.

Many customers say that Mr. Takemata's works are indispensable in their lives.

“Easy-to-use things are convenient, but they look more like tools, and I don’t think they are beautiful. I don’t like tools that pursue convenience. ."

and Takemata.

beauty when placed

Beautify your work

Ease of use < beauty

It seems that they are working on production with this in mind. He doesn't do it on purpose, but when he pursues his ideal, it naturally happens.

The same can be said for fashion and architecture. "Beauty" is determined by which side you swing from the competitive line between design and usability.

Mr. Takemata's works tend to focus on design and pursue beauty. I can understand why it is highly supported by professionals such as fashion, design and architecture.

However, it is amazing that it is very good in terms of usability. I think that customers understand well, but it is completely different from a metalwork work that looks cool.

I can confidently say that Mr. Yuichi Takemata's cutlery is one of the few correct answers, especially at a Japanese table where there are unusually few choices.

This time, in addition to the standard cutlery, we also produce rare works unique to the solo exhibition. Drip pot for coffee (200ml / 400ml), wine cooler, various tea utensils (tea box / tea scoop etc..).

We also have hundreds of "servers" and "bread knives" that many people are waiting for. It won't sell out easily. Customers who wanted to see it in person also kept us waiting.

And this time, two creators will make "vessels" for this exhibition! After all, cutlery is something that stands out only if it has a vessel. Our director Yuko Watanabe and Mr. Takemata talked about it, and Mr. Takemata said, "I want to exhibit with these two people!" I will make a plate for you.

“Mr. Otani’s plate has a very flat finish and is easy to use.

“Mr. Tomii's oil-finished works are very cool, as the marks of the knife follow as you use them.”

This is Mr. Takemata's comment on the affinity between the two vectors of the two artists' works.

Mr. Takemata will be present on the first day. Please ask a lot about the work.

Although the situation is unstable, all the staff are looking forward to your visit while paying the latest attention to infectious disease countermeasures.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT CEO Takahiro Igarashi


"Yuichi Takemata Exhibition"
3/26 (Sat) ~ 3/29 (Tue)
OPEN 11:00~18:00

Reservation required until 14:00 on the first day (reception ends).
After that, anyone can enter without reservation.


2-33-4 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo