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Article: "Aki Sakaida Exhibition" will be held from 7/16 (Sat.) to 7/19 (Tue.) at the Uehara store!

「境田亜希 展」7/16(土)~7/19(火)@上原店で開催!

"Aki Sakaida Exhibition" will be held from 7/16 (Sat.) to 7/19 (Tue.) at the Uehara store!

Yuko Watanabe, the director of our store, will be holding her first solo exhibition of works by Mr. Sakaida, who is a regular and regular user.

Aki Sakaida's glass work feels "softness" despite the hard material of glass. The glass is somewhat rounded and has an organic cuteness that gently sticks to your hand. I have.

The "Hanakage" series, in which light is reflected on the mall when the sun hits it, is a work filled with Mr. Sakaida's thoughts that "I want you to enjoy the shadows that are created at each moment, such as the season and time, as one of the beautiful elements." Morning light, evening light, night light and shadows that change depending on the time of day are like flowers blooming on the table!

Mr. Sakaida's work, which has a variety of expressions depending on the change of the surrounding light, has a pool of color at the bottom, and this color gradation is also reflected in the shadows. Please fully enjoy the fun, beauty, and fun of glass transparency.

In parallel with the beauty of the appearance, I was surprised by the ease of use and handling. It means that there is This reinforces the thin part of the edge and makes it difficult to break. Furthermore, if the edge of the plate is too thin, it will be difficult to use. On the other hand, the glass is finished with a thin rim without wrapping the rim, focusing on the good taste. I could feel Sakaida's sincerity towards the users.

In this exhibition, we will also receive large-sized vessels and vases that are not usually produced.

The popular "flower plate" will be introduced in 3 sizes at this exhibition. "Medium (φ20cm)" and "Large (φ25cm)" are special works that will be unveiled for the first time! I'd like you to stack 3 sizes and see it.

You will also make the precious "Kuyuri" series this time. We will also receive one-of-a-kind items such as lids and hanging flowers, so please look forward to it.

From around noon on the first day, Mr. Sakaida will be in the gallery. You are really nice. Please come and see us!

I wanted you to see Sakaida's work together with the space and the light, so I'm really happy that you can see it while feeling the sparkling summer sunshine.

All the staff are looking forward to welcoming you.



"Aki Sakaida Exhibition"

July 16th (Sat) ~ July 19th (Tue), 2022
* Reservation ticket system until 12:00 on the first day 16th
You can enter without reservation after 12:00.

2-33-4 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0064