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Article: Special exhibition "Shichigosan Exhibition" will be held at Nishiogi store from 7/17 (Sat) to 7/20 (Tue)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT西荻店にて、豪華18人の人気作家が集う企画展「七五三展」を行います。

Special exhibition "Shichigosan Exhibition" will be held at Nishiogi store from 7/17 (Sat) to 7/20 (Tue)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Exhibition in July
"Shichigosan Exhibition" (Shichigo Santen)
7/17 (Sat) ~ 7/20 (Tue) @FOOD FOR THOUGHT Nishiogi
11:00 ~ 18:00 (Anyone can enter after 13:00 on the first day without reservation)


FOOD FOR THOUGHT will hold a special exhibition "Shichigosan Exhibition" at the Nishiogi store from Saturday, July 17th to Tuesday, July 20th, where 18 popular artists will gather.

I'm sure many of you are wondering why Shichigosan is full of "?" marks, but Shichigosan is actually an important keyword for FFT.

The most frequently asked questions from customers.

"What is the most convenient size of the vessel?"

This special exhibition is FFT's answer to that question.↓

・For main dishes and large plates = 7 sun (about 21cm)
・The basics of individual plate = 5 sun (approximately 15cm)
・Convenient no matter how many you have (mamezara) = 3 sun (about 9cm)

Shichi-Go-San is a story of size, not a story of age.

This is an epoch-making exhibition where up-and-coming creators who are leading the present show answers to customers' questions with easy-to-use works of "7, 5, and 3 inches"!

We would like to go back to the first step that manufacturing is communication, not a spot sale in the name of an exhibition, and create a meaningful and enjoyable time for customers, creators and us. Even if we say “7-sun, 5-sun, 3-sun”, there will be some creators who give their own interpretations and twists. I hope you can feel the wit of such a writer.

Participating for the first time this time is Mr. Tatsuhiko Kawai , who makes pottery in Toki and has a reputation for his beautiful monotone world. I've wanted to work with you for a long time, but in fact, I asked a customer before, "Who would you like your store to handle?" It was Mr. Kawai's name.

Please look forward to how Mr. Kawai will interpret and cook Shichigosan for the first time, and the chemical reaction that will occur with other popular artists!

By the way, the usual exhibition is held from Saturday to Monday, but this time it will be held until Tuesday, as we would like to welcome customers who work on Tuesdays off.

After the exhibition, it will be sold online. Information updates on Instagram.

All the FFT staff are looking forward to meeting you. Please look forward to it!


Representative Takahiro Igarashi


Participating authors:
*In no particular order, titles omitted

Naoko Miura
Masayuki Miyagi
Yu Uchida
Atsushi Funakushi
Ryutaro Yamada
Yamato Kobayashi
Kodo Kiyooka
Akihiro Nikaido
Susumu Jo
Daisuke Murai
Osamu Mitoma
Michikazu Sakai
Shigeru Inoue
Takashi Yamanobe
Morito Tatsuruhama
Keisuke Okazaki
Taku Eiki
Tatsuhiko Kawai

Artwork by Sumire Akasaka

Special Exhibition "Shichigosan Exhibition"
7/17 (Sat) ~ 7/20 (Tue)
OPEN 11:00~18:00
Reservations are required from 11:00 to 13:00 on the first day. After that, anyone can enter without reservation.

*Ticket reservations will start from 21:00 on 7/6 (Tue.) on our ticket reservation site ( ) (free of charge).

2-9-15 Nishiogi Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Toyosaka Nishiogi Mansion 1F store