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Article: "chanowa Seishu Tea Ceremony" will be held from 10/27 (Thursday) to 28 (Friday) @ Sendagaya LAB

「chanowa 清秋の茶会」10/27(木)-28(金)@千駄ヶ谷LABで開催

"chanowa Seishu Tea Ceremony" will be held from 10/27 (Thursday) to 28 (Friday) @ Sendagaya LAB


It's October and it's getting colder day by day.
It's the season to take a break and miss warm tea.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT will hold a tea party by Ms. Naoko Deno on 10/27 (Thursday) and 28 (Friday).

The tea ceremony is a reservation ticket system all day. Tickets will be on sale from 21:00 on 10/13 ( Thursday ) on our ticket reservation site ( ) .

Ms. Naoko Deno, who runs a tea party called "chanowa" in Kumamoto Prefecture, mainly focusing on Chinese tea. There are probably many people who are looking forward to Naoko's tea party, which is rare in Tokyo. FOOD FOR THOUGHT will be held for the first time in two years .

At this tea party, you can enjoy some of the tea and sweets in FOOD FOR THOUGHT original bowls. Sweets will be prepared by Kaoruko Watanabe of Kumamoto "marcadette".

Not only those who wanted to try out the original pottery, but also those who already have it should discover something like, “Is this how I should use it?”

For some of you, this may be your first time at a tea party, but please feel free to join us.

Mr. Deno's tea party is not just about the deliciousness of the tea.

In the space created for you to enjoy the tea in front of you, just watching how each tea is carefully brewed and the process will make you feel like your spine is straightening up.

Listen to the sound of boiling water, see how the tea leaves look, and enjoy the aroma.

I don't think there is such a luxurious experience that you can feel with your own skin, not just an explanation.

Let's take a break from everyday life, take a break, and have tea time together.


From Mr. Deno to the Qing Autumn Tea Ceremony

“On this autumnal day, I will open a tea time at FOOD FOR THOUGHT LAB.

My favorite pure tea.
There will surely be a deliciousness that can only be found on that day.
Please come and soak in the autumn tea ceremony.
We are looking forward to seeing you. ”

"chanowa Qing Autumn Tea Ceremony"

Date: 2022/10/27 (Thu).28 (Fri)
Time: 10:30-12:00 / 13:30-15:00 / 16:00-17:30 (three times each day)
Membership fee: 8,250 yen

All-day reservation ticket system.
Tickets will be on sale from 21:00 on 10/13 (Thursday) on our ticket reservation site ( .
The time cannot be changed after purchase, so please be careful not to make a mistake in the time.