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Article: 11/23 (Wed)-27 (Sun) 2nd “SHOZO COFFEE STAND” Open

11/23(水)-27(日)第二回 ”SHOZO COFFEE STAND” オープン

11/23 (Wed)-27 (Sun) 2nd “SHOZO COFFEE STAND” Open

“SHOZO COFFEE STAND” , which was held for the first time in Sendagaya FOOD FOR THOUGHT LAB in May, was very popular. It will be held again in Sendagaya for 5 days from 11/23 (Wed) to 27 (Sun) during Silver Week!

Since opening in Kuroiso in 1988, SHOZO has literally continued to lead the Japanese cafe scene with its unique style.

It will be a special space where you can purchase delicious hand-drip coffee from SHOZO , fresh baked sweets delivered from Nasu in the morning, and original FOOD FOR THOUGHT products. Snacks and coffee can be taken home or eaten in.

The sweets include scones, which were very popular last time, cookies, madeleines, winter-specific baked sweets, and seasonal jams. Perfect for souvenirs and gifts! For drinks, in addition to SHOZO 's standard hand-drip coffee, we also have café au lait and caramel milk that children can enjoy.

Business hours are 9:00 - 17:00 .
We will open from 9:00 to meet your request to buy coffee and baked sweets and head to Shinjuku Gyoen in the morning. We are open until 17:00 so that you can relax after 16:00 when Shinjuku Gyoen closes.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT LAB is right in front of "Shinjuku Gyoen Sendagaya Gate". A short walk from Sendagaya Station and National Stadium Station. It will be the only coffee stand in the neighborhood for only 5 days from 11/23 (Wednesday) to 27 (Sunday). I would like people in the neighborhood and those who are sightseeing to come. Taking a walk in the Imperial Garden with coffee and baked sweets is the best!

We are looking forward to seeing all of you.


1st floor store, 5-3-16 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
11/23(Wed) - 11/27(Sun)
OPEN: 9:00-17:00