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吉田直嗣 / Naotsugu Yoshida

Naotsugu Yoshida

Many people are addicted to the monotone of Mr. Naotsugu Yoshida, and his works are very popular at FOOD FOR THOUGHT stores. We also love Yoshida's work.

In fact, I visited Mr. Yoshida's atelier in Shizuoka during a company trip and saw his production up close.

When I talked to him, Mr. Yoshida's kind, gentle, and gentle eyes suddenly sharpened when he turned to the potter's wheel. It was impressive. The work was born naturally as if it were breathing.

The rhythm of tension and easiness, the effortless behavior that comes from experience and confidence, the well-organized production environment, all of which are set with Mr. Yoshida's work as if it were inevitable. Looking at the works side by side, I am convinced that this is Mr. Yoshida himself.

Naotsugu Yoshida
Born in 1976. After graduating from Tokyo Zokei University, studied under ceramic artist Taizo Kuroda.
In 2003, he became independent at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
I mainly produce white and black vessels.

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