Thank you for always using the FOOD FOR THOUGHT online shop!

In the June 2022 Instagram Stories survey, about 85% of people requested the introduction of a point system.


Points are awarded for all purchases made at the FOOD FOR THOUGHT online shop. However, points will only be awarded to customers who are registered in our "customer account" .

Points can be checked at any time on the points panel that opens when you click the "current points" button that always appears at the bottom right of the screen while you are logged in, and can be used at any time as a substitute for cash . Please note that the "current points" button will not appear unless you are logged in .

In the "FFT Point Program" , all customers registered in the "Customer Account" will automatically receive 1 point (0.8%) for every 125 yen of tax-excluded shopping price as a "basic point". increase.

In addition, according to the accumulated shopping amount, the “membership rank” will rise, and along with that, “ bonus points” will be added.

Discounts such as points and other campaigns cannot be used at the same time. If you try to use them together, "only whichever discount rate is higher" will be automatically applied preferentially . We may receive inquiries from customers asking, "How can points not be reflected?"

There is no expiration date for points as of 2022, but there is a possibility that an expiration date will be set in the future.


"Member rank" is divided into 6 according to shopping results

"DIAMOND" total order amount 1,000,000 yen or more / bonus point addition rate 1.2%

”PLATINUM” Total order amount 350,000 yen or more / Bonus point addition rate 1%

”GOLD” total order amount 150,000 yen or more / bonus point addition rate 0.7%

"SILVER" total order amount 100,000 yen or more / bonus point addition rate 0.4%

"BRONZE" total order amount 50,000 yen or more / bonus point addition rate 0.2%
"Normal member" Total order amount 49,999 yen or less / Bonus point addition rate 0%

The "FFT Point Program" has started operation from 2022/6/15. All previous customers' shopping records are retroactively calculated, and corresponding customers are automatically assigned membership ranks.

point panel screen

"FFT Point Program" Terms of Use:
*1 Points will be awarded 10 days after the product is shipped.
*2 At the time of return/refund, once awarded points will be deducted after processing.
*3 If you try to use points and other discounts at the same time, only the higher discount rate will be applied.
*4 If points are not awarded for any reason, they cannot be re-granted.
*5 The operation of this program is based on our "Terms of Use".
*6 This program may end after announcing the end two weeks in advance. In that case, the point balance cannot be refunded in cash.
*7 The terms of this program are subject to change without notice.
*8 In the event of any dispute regarding this program, the court having jurisdiction over the location of our head office shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court.