flower rim plate SML

In response to many requests,
Available in sizes that harmonize with more scenes.

For the popular flower rim plate
Added S and L.

With the synergistic effect of the modest and delicate flower rim and the “Paperwhite” glaze,
“Paperwhite flower rim plate” has a gentle atmosphere as if it has been used for a long time.

The popular design of French faience in the first half of the 1900s,
We have modernized it so that it is easy to use in modern Japanese homes.

Reliable Japanese porcelain. It is a "growing vessel" that uses an original glaze that increases in texture as you use it, even though it is microwave and dishwasher safe.

In addition to the popular M size , the long-awaited S size and L size have joined the lineup.
It has become a series that can be used in various scenes and is close to everyday life.

“Paperwhite” Series

Flower Rim Plate S

Flower Rim Plate S
¥2,520 (tax included)

The 15 cm (5 cm) S size is ideal for individual plates for desserts, baked goods and appetizers. Furthermore, it is the perfect size for the saucer of the same “Paperwhite” coffee cup . Please use it as a set and add a delicate spoon and your favorite baked goods.
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Flower rim plate M

Flower rim plate M
¥3,580 (tax included)

The 21 cm (7 sun) M size is the most versatile size for Japanese home tables. Perfect for appetizers, bread plates, individual plates, fruits and desserts. It doesn't matter how many you have.
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Flower Rim Plate L

Flower Rim Plate L
¥4,180 (tax included)

The 25 cm (8 inch) L size is ideal for main dishes such as meat and fish dishes. As with all "Paperwhite flower rim plates", it has a little depth, so it is safe to use with juicy dishes and sauces. Because it is made of porcelain, it is OK for dishwashers and microwave ovens. It is a piece that is easy to use even in restaurants.
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two coffee cups

Coffee cup
¥2,980 (tax included)

What we aimed for with the “Paperwhite coffee cup” is a balance that is neither bulky like a mug, but not too delicate. So is the quantity. A feeling of size that is not too big to drink a moderate amount while it is warm. We also paid particular attention to thinness that is pleasant to the palate and warm handling.

Example of using a coffee cup

From a cup in the morning, it is easy to match with sweets at snack time. You can take it out when you have guests. Such an ideal shape. This is the “Paperwhite coffee cup” that was finally completed after many trials.

By the way, we have received many inquiries from people who are looking for a saucer to match this cup. Please purchase it as a set.
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paper white series

What is the Paperwhite series?

paper white series

The “Paperwhite” series is a vessel for spending time enjoying the “blank space” in everyday life rather than pursuing uniformity and rationality.

Calm alone time, time spent with loved ones.
Isn't it the "margin" that we need the most right now?

The desired white color is
We named this series “Paperwhite” because it is closer to “Paperwhite” which is fluffy, bulky, warm and human rather than “perfect white” which has a high degree of whiteness.

Moderate thickness and roundness make it easy to handle,
Because it is porcelain, the dishwasher and microwave oven are also OK.
Easy to use and grow well, ideal for everyday use.

There is a white "FOOD FOR THOUGHT" logo that is not asserted on the bottom.