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FOOD FOR THOUGHT Bespoke Linen Gathered Dress Apron (Navy)

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Mizue Ishihara, a popular textile artist. We love her delicate and careful work.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT bespoke model made by Mr. Ishihara.

This linen gathered one-piece apron is the best way to wear it. There is no apron that makes people look so elegant and beautiful.

I want to use it for the rest of my life while fixing it. It is such a work.

This is a chic navy.

High quality Japanese linen is used. I was particular about comfort and silhouette.

The one-piece apron with fine pleats on the front looks just like a dress. It has a soft impression, but you can wear it neatly without swelling around your waist. Hides well up to the buttocks. There is also a square pocket in the right position.

All of the cords are made of the same thin fabric, and are crossed on the back to distribute the load and create a delicate and elegant back.

Ishihara's whole body work, which uses a large amount of fabric and takes a huge amount of time and effort for careful pleat work. It is a gem that I would like to hand over to those who really cherish it.

Shoulder strap length: about 58cm
waist strap length

: about 90cm
Length from chest to hem (Length)

: about 107cm
around the waist

: about 118cm
Pocket (Square) Horizontal

: 13.5cm / Length

: 18cm

: Free

Wearing model height: 158cm

-------------------------------------------------- ------
April 2017: Opened FOOD FOR THOUGHT, a store that sells works that provide hints for a better life, centering on the artist's pottery.
September 2020: Launched “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”, a standard tableware brand that can be purchased at any time.
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July 23, 2020