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12 teacups and saucers

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*You may see black dots or spots due to the appearance of iron content of less than 1mm. It is a scenery as a vessel that is intentionally left as the artist's own intention.

At the solo exhibition at the store, many people came to the store just for this teacup and saucer set. At first glance, it looks orthodox, but it is actually a gem with a finely calculated form and detailed design.

The saucer is not grooved, so it can be used as a plate.
The cup is the perfect size and depth for serving ice cream or yogurt.


Cup Diameter: Approx. 12cm / Height: Approx. 4.5cm / Thickness: about 0.5cm
Saucer diameter: about 16.5cm / Height: about 2cm / Thickness: about 1.5cm
Capacity: about 90ml
There are individual differences in the glaze, color, and size because it is an artist's work.

Tetsuhiro Iwata
Born in Tottori Prefecture in 1981. Studied architecture at Kyoto Seika University and later studied under ceramic artist Tamaki Ito. Independent in 2019. As he says that he is attracted to "products" that look like industrial products, his works may look bland from a distance, but when you hold them in your hands, you will be impressed by their exquisite balance and traces of handwork. The fusion of structural and concise proportions and organic handiwork is modern, reminiscent of Brutalist architecture. It is a featured artist of food for sort.

*You can use it without any special care at the beginning of use.
*After use, wash with a neutral detergent and dry thoroughly.
*Do not use oven, dishwasher or microwave
*No returns or refunds will be accepted. Please understand this when purchasing.

〜A request to our customers〜
There are people who resell works purchased at our store at high prices on Mercari.
We do not sell our works for resale purposes, and any resale is prohibited. When you purchase a product from our shop, you agree to the prohibition of reselling.

July 23, 2020