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Article: "Daisuke Kameda + Fumi Kameda Exhibition" will be held from 12/18 (sat) to 12/21 (tue) @ Uehara store

「亀田大介+亀田文 展」12/18(sat)~12/21(tue)@上原店で開催です

"Daisuke Kameda + Fumi Kameda Exhibition" will be held from 12/18 (sat) to 12/21 (tue) @ Uehara store

"Daisuke Kameda + Fumi Kameda Exhibition" An electronic ticket is required for admission from 11:00 to 13:00 on the first day.
Tickets will be accepted on our ticket reservation website ( ) from 21:00 on Saturday, December 11th.

At the FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara store, from December 18th (Sat) to December 21st (Tue), 2021, Mr. Daisuke Kameda and Mr. Aya Kameda, potters who make pottery in Oita Prefecture, will hold their first I will hold a solo exhibition.

We asked them to hold a solo exhibition at this time of year because of the affinity between the holiday season and their works. There seems to be something about the quiet strength and narrative tendencies of these two works that strikes a chord with us viewers.

"Healing", "Nostalgia", "Prayer", etc. vary depending on the person, but I hope that you can spend this year's holiday peacefully with a group of works that evoke the sentimental value of each person who holds them.

The works of the two of you are perfect for gifts this season! Although it has a holistic charm, it does not conjure up images of specific faiths, so it should please anyone.


Daisuke Kameda's "white porcelain" and "silver porcelain" series are very popular at our shop.

The "white porcelain" series is a collection of soft works that are modern and perfectly match the contemporary dining table, combining the artist's insight into antiques and creativity. Gentle “fluctuation” fired in a wood-fired kiln is gentle on the eyes and hands, and has the power to make users feel at ease. The mass of the take-home is solid, and the authentic charm is also there. White tableware is naturally the centerpiece of the daily dining table, but Daisuke's white porcelain is recommended for everyday use.

"Silver porcelain" is a labor-intensive work that involves applying sand and pebbles by hand to create matière, molding the porcelain clay, firing it, polishing it, and then applying silver color. For that reason, it is not just a flat silver plate, but it is attractive that each one has a completely different expression. The height difference of the sand and stones creates a difference in the hanging of the silver color, giving an exquisite expression such as the silver becoming darker and the base material appearing.

A “silver porcelain” vessel that reacts to the oil, acid and alkali contained in food and changes little by little over time. Please grow it into a piece of your own.

In recent years, Daisuke's pottery has been supported by fashion and design-related professionals because of its stylishness.

His wife, Aya Kameda, is a creator who expresses feminine and delicate reliefs and delicate shapes through mold molding. Using porcelain clay from Seto and Arita, I use a gas kiln, an electric kiln, and a wood kiln to fire depending on the work.

At FOOD FOR THOUGHT, monotone and cherry blossom beige works are popular. The soft hand-held tableware with a soft atmosphere has a generic appeal that is easy to pick up regardless of age or gender, and is sure to be a big success at the daily dining table.

And in this solo exhibition, Fumi's series of silver porcelain "ceramic dolls" is excellent. A gentle, dignified and indescribably emotional appearance. Perfect for spending the holiday season together. The candlesticks that are also active at this time of year are also fulfilling.

Along with the candlesticks, we will also exhibit and sell special candles made for this exhibition by Mr. and Mrs. Kameda, a candle maker from Oita called Kiramekido. The light gray body of the candle is easy on the eyes, and the way it melts is calculated to the maximum, and the scent is gentle. Candelabra and candle sets make great holiday gifts.

I'm sure it will be a wonderful exhibition. At the Uehara store, all the staff are looking forward to welcoming you.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT CEO Takahiro Igarashi

Daisuke Kameda / Daisuke Kameta
1975 Born in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture.
2013 Built a kiln in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

Kameda Fumi / Fumi Kameta

1973 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
2013 Built a kiln in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture


"Daisuke Kameda + Fumi Kameda Exhibition"
From Saturday, December 18th to Tuesday, December 21st, 2021
Reservation ticket system until 13:00 on the first day
After that, you can enter without reservation.
* Reservation tickets will be accepted on our special ticket reservation site ( ) from 21:00 on 12.11 (Sat).
FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara store 〒151-0064
2-33-4 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo