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Article: "Yamada Ryutaro Trunk Show" 12/25 (Sat) ~ 12/27 (Mon) @ Uehara store


"Yamada Ryutaro Trunk Show" 12/25 (Sat) ~ 12/27 (Mon) @ Uehara store

At the FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara store, from December 25th (Sat) to December 27th (Mon), 2021, a special exhibition "Ryutaro Yamada Trunk Show" by Mr. Ryutaro Yamada, a ceramic artist who makes pottery in Fujino. will be held.


In the turbulent 2021, FOOD FOR THOUGHT concludes with Mr. Ryutaro Yamada, who has many enthusiastic fans.

"Trunk show" . I am a photographer whose main business is fashion, so I am familiar with this term. It is a show that is presented on a small scale.

It's a word that is not often used in the container industry, but a trunk show is perfect for Mr. Yamada's current exhibition, which is "more than a permanent exhibition but less than a solo exhibition."

Well, there are various reasons, but I have been saying since last year that the era of "pots" will come. When I visited the studio to ask Mr. Yamada to make a pot for me again this time, the conversation grew and we decided to hold a small-scale exhibition at the end of the year.

Since it is not a "personal exhibition", Mr. Yamada's "current" work will be fully displayed without any restrictions. In addition to the classic plates that have entered maturity, there are also re-fired early works that have been sleeping in the studio for a long time.

And there are many large vases, popular medium-sized vases (about 20 cm in height), and unique deformed vases that are the centerpiece of this time.

The wood-fired kiln, which was not planned, will be lit, so if I can make it in time for the exhibition, the range of my work will expand further.

At first glance, Yamada's work looks rough and classical, but it is actually very modern, elegant, and easy to use on a daily basis. With a background in graphic design, his taste is strictly contemporary. An up-and-coming artist whose future is even more exciting, with collectors among top runners in the fashion/architecture/art worlds.

While inheriting and protecting the kiln and workshop of the late potter Ryo Aoki, he puts a lot of effort into his work every day.

This time, the original poster is the work of our staff Sumire Akasaka (@sumire_akasaka ). At the workshop, the shadows in the foreground are Mr. Yamada and his wife. Neko-chan is my beloved cat, Ushi-san .

The exhibition visuals she creates are not imitated by anyone, and I think they are the best every time, even though I am a relative. In today's world of familiar & similar visuals, there is value only in things that are different from others.

There are nearly 300 high-calorie works such as Ryutaro Yamada's "Thousands of Thoughts" that you should definitely see when the world is moving towards Christmas and the end of the year.

A valuable trunk show that can only be seen at FFT now. This exhibition is a must-see for everyone who loves soil.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT CEO Takahiro Igarashi


Ryutaro Yamada / Ryutaro Yamada / Biography

1984 Born in Saitama Prefecture
2007 Graduated from Department of Environmental Design, Tama Art University
2010 Completed the Tajimi City Pottery Design Research Institute ~ Making pottery in Tajimi
2014 Moved to Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, to the present


"Ryutaro Yamada Trunk Show"
From Saturday, December 25, 2021 to Monday, December 27, 2021
11:00-18:00 / No reservation required
FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara store 〒151-0064
2-33-4 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo