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Article: Naotsugu Yoshida "Bicolor" Exhibition 5/15~5/17 @Uehara

陶芸家・吉田直嗣さんの個展”Bicolor”をFOOD FOR THOUGHT(フードフォーソート)上原店で開催します!

Naotsugu Yoshida "Bicolor" Exhibition 5/15~5/17 @Uehara

An admission ticket is required from 11:00 to 15:00 on the first day!
Tickets can be purchased from 5/7 (Friday) at 21:00 on our special ticket sales site. ( ) will start.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT will hold the second solo exhibition "Bicolor will be held.
I don't think it's necessary to talk about the basics of Mr. Yoshida's works, who are always very popular.
This solo exhibition is titled "Bilcolor", and FFT mainly produced works in black and white that Yoshida-san wanted me to make. On the artist's signature crisp white porcelain base, jet-black glaze is applied in various ways to create a group of works with a unique world view. Looking at the works as a mass, the artist himself overlaps and overlaps with the natural yet imposing appearance full of confidence and speed, and the unique elegance of each place.
The bicolor of black and white can also be taken as a symbol of "division". However, when you look at the group of works this time, black and white blend together in your eyes, and you can see them as symbols of positive diversity, such as "harmony" and " oneness ."
After the end of the corona, the minds and bodies of people who were once separated will naturally come together again at the dining table through Yoshida's work. I would be happy if you could feel such a metaphor in the exhibition.
The clay, the glaze, and the proportions are organic, and you can see that they did not overdo it on the potter's wheel. In this solo exhibition, white + black + shapes fuse together to create synergy, and the magnificence of Mr. Yoshida's work has become even more sublime. Please look forward to it.
Personally, I think that this work is the best match for the Uehara store, which was created by Masamichi Katayama, and I am sure that synergy will be created here as well.
Naoji Yoshida “Bicolor” Exhibition
At FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara store
From 5/15 (Sat) to 5/17 (Mon)
Reservation ticket system until 15:00 on the first day
After that, you can enter without reservation.
* Reserved tickets will be on sale from 21:00 on 5/7 (Fri.) on our special ticket sales site ( ).
2-33-4 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo