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Article: FOOD FOR THOUGHT's "Oval Plate" will be available in 3 sizes and will be released on 6/4 (Fri.) at 21:00!

FOOD FOR THOUGHTの「オーバルプレート」が3サイズ展開になり6/4(金)21:00発売!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT's "Oval Plate" will be available in 3 sizes and will be released on 6/4 (Fri.) at 21:00!

This FOOD FOR THOUGHT original "Oval Plate" series will be on sale from 21:00 on Friday, June 4, 2021. When the time comes, products will be added and will be available for purchase.


At FOOD FOR THOUGHT , we have received a great deal of support from our unique perspective on developing tableware that "would have been nice to have but never existed until now. " THOUGHT ” series.

Together with our trusted Japanese craftsmen, we use 3D technology to develop uncompromising products.

In particular, the "Oval Plate" has been so popular that it sells out as soon as the product arrives, even though it has only been a few months since its release.

This time, after a long time, we finally arrived at the proportions that we were satisfied with, and two smaller brothers were added to the "Oval Plate", which was only available in one size until now, and we decided to develop three sizes, S/M/L. rice field!

Along with this, the name of the "Oval Plate" with a long side of 29 cm will be changed to "Oval Plate L". And from this time, two new sizes have been added:

  • "Oval plate L" with a long side of 29 cm x a short side of 20.8 cm
  • "Oval plate M" with a long side of 21.7 cm x a short side of 15.5 cm
  • "Oval plate S" with a long side of 14 cm x a short side of 10 cm

Available in 3 sizes.

The sizing is really useful at home and in shops, and it is very convenient to have a set. The price is also kept low, about 30 to 50% less than the average of brocantes and authors . It is a highly versatile set that you can live with if you have this set.


Click here for the superimposed photos ↓

If you hold it in your hand, you can get a good sense of its size, so I'll show you.


Here is the already popular "Oval Plate L" ↓


This is the newly added "Oval Plate M" ↓


This is my youngest "Oval Plate S" ↓


The figure that blends into the kitchen is also good ↓

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Food for thought original oval plate. Available in 3 sizes S/M/L. We will continue to make it as a standard product. Great as a gift.


The combination of M and S size is for appetizers and lunch ↓


The large size allows you to take out the margins for the main dish and pasta, so it's stylish

The proportions are based on French brocantes from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, and are modernized with a focus on thinness that will get worn out if you go any further. It has a soft, smooth and round feel, but the details are tense.

The slightly greyish white glaze gives a gentle impression, and we also took into consideration the ease of use at home. There is a gray "FOOD FOR THOUGHT" logo on the bottom.

Plain white, thin and elegant oval plate that is hard to find. Brocanto with little feeling of use is expensive and difficult to find.


The compatibility with the original "Cafe au lait bowl" is also the best ↓

We would like you to buy the "Oval Plate" series as a standard, so we will continue to make it. It is very convenient to have it for your family, and it is also suitable for professional use in restaurants, cafes, etc. Microwave and dishwasher OK.

It is plain and can be used for any purpose, so it is perfect for weddings and new life gifts . Due to COVID-19, more and more people are hesitant to give food as gifts, and more and more people are wrapping plain dishes. That's a really nice touch.

Thank you for your continued support for our "Oval Plate" series!

Representative of FOOD FOR THOUGHT
Takahiro Igarashi