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Article: "Tetsuya Otani Exhibition ONLINE" starts from 21:00 on 3/7 (SUN)

"大谷哲也 展 ONLINE" 3/7(SUN)21:00より開始です

"Tetsuya Otani Exhibition ONLINE" starts from 21:00 on 3/7 (SUN)

The "Tetsuya Otani Exhibition" was held at the Nishiogi store from February 13th (Sat) to February 15th (Mon), 2021. We will hold an online exhibition in response to the very popular voice. From 21:00 on 3/7 (Sun) at the FOOD FOR THOUGHT online shop you are viewing.

At 21:00, the product will be added and you will be able to put it in the cart. For those of you who couldn't come to the solo exhibition at the actual store, and those who came to the solo exhibition but want to buy more, please don't miss it.

This time, we have a full lineup of Otani Pottery's flagship product, "Hira Nabe". It is very rare to have such a solid online collection. We also have many very valuable one-of-a-kind items such as flower vases and pots. Otani's work is almost non-existent online. I will carefully take pictures and introduce them to everyone.

Please look forward to it!