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Article: "Ryutaro Yamada's White" exhibition will be held at Uehara store! 2/27(sat)~3/1(mon)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT, フードフォーソート、山田隆太郎、山田隆太郎の白

"Ryutaro Yamada's White" exhibition will be held at Uehara store! 2/27(sat)~3/1(mon)

*Entrance tickets will be on sale from 21:00 on 2/23 (Tue) on our online ticket sales site !

At the FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara store, from February 27 (Sat) to March 1 (Mon), 2021, the up-and-coming ceramic artist Ryutaro Yamada, whose popularity has risen sharply in recent years We will hold Taro's first solo exhibition at our shop, "Ryutaro Yamada's White"!

Mr. Yamada is a potter based in Fujino. Although it is a so-called "earthware", it is very stylish and tasteful when viewed as a whole, probably due to my own graphic design background. It is worth mentioning that the support is extremely high. Another factor that attracts orders from experts is that they do not make light works that cater to the market. While enjoying the goodness of the rich and primitive soil, the high versatility that goes well with not only Japanese but also modern interiors and shops is wonderful.

By chance, he inherited the workshop and kiln of the late Mr. Ryo Aoki, and since he continues to make high-calorie pottery that places a heavy burden on himself, he seems to be respected by collectors and fellow makers.

In this solo exhibition, I am making it with the theme of "white". However, various “white” will be lined up according to the artist's own interpretation. There are hundreds of one-of-a-kind items that can only be obtained at this exhibition. Please stay tuned.

By the way, Mr. Ryutaro Yamada's collectors are all aiming for standing objects such as "vases" and "vases". I am also the shopkeeper. . . For those of you who are like that, we will exhibit various masterpieces, from medium-sized to fairly large objects with a height of about 20 cm.

Mr. Yamada will be in the gallery on the first day. Please come and see us.

↓ A special movie for this production has been made ↓

"Ryutaro Yamada's White" Exhibition February 27th (Sat) to March 1st (Mon), 2021
(Reservation required from 11:00 to 14:00 on the first day, 27th, free entry thereafter)
Shibuya-ku Uehara 2-33-4 1B

“Ryutaro Yamada Exhibition”
on view at FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara
2/27(SAT) ~ 3/1(MON)

This exhibition features a newest collection of Ryutaro Yamada, one of most sought after young Japanese potter based in Fujino, Kanagawa.

2-33-4 1B, Uehara
Shibuya-ku, TOKYO
JAPAN 151-0064