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Article: "Ichi Onose's Flower Pot Exhibition" will be held from 10/1 (Sat.) to 10/4 (Tue.) @ Nishiogi!

「小野瀬一の植木鉢展」10/1(土)-10/4(火) @西荻店で開催!

"Ichi Onose's Flower Pot Exhibition" will be held from 10/1 (Sat.) to 10/4 (Tue.) @ Nishiogi!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Nishiogi will hold a solo exhibition of ceramic artist Hajime Onose, "Onose's Flower Pot Exhibition" from October 1st (Sat) to October 4th (Tue). Mr. Onose himself will be in the store!


"Flower Pot Exhibition by Onose Hajime"

2-9-15 Nishiogi Kita, Suginami-ku Toyosaka Nishiogi Mansion 1F

The first day is all-day reservation ticket system. The ticket system (SOLD OUT) until 13:00 on the second day. After that, you can enter without reservation.



At this exhibition, we will thoroughly verify your identity to prevent malicious "hoarding" and "resale". Purchasing with the same address/same card, those whose name on the credit card when purchasing the admission ticket does not match the name on the reservation, those whose billing address and credit card address do not match, IP address and billing Orders for those who are judged to be at high risk, such as those whose destination countries do not match, may be automatically canceled. Please understand that we cannot disclose the reason for cancellation.

We do not buy up our works or sell them for resale purposes, and we prohibit all applicable acts. When you purchase a product from our shop, we will assume that you have agreed to the prohibition of the applicable act.