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Article: "Daisuke Murai Exhibition" will be held from 9/23 (Fri.) to 9/27 (Tue.) at the Uehara store

「村井大介 展」9/23(金)-9/27(火) 上原店にて開催します

"Daisuke Murai Exhibition" will be held from 9/23 (Fri.) to 9/27 (Tue.) at the Uehara store


FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara will hold a solo exhibition by Daisuke Murai, who makes pottery in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, from September 23rd (Friday) to 27th (Tuesday).

In this exhibition, we will introduce three series: titanium glaze, porcelain, and black porcelain . Each one has a different personality.

Titanium glaze: Famous as "Murai Blue" , this is popular for its beautiful kiln transformation. The shading has a taste that makes it look like the surface of the moon, the surface of the water, or the magic hour of the morning. Standing objects such as cups can enjoy the expression of flowing glaze.

Porcelain makeup: A series in which a porcelain base is applied with a brush to make the unevenness appear. It has a gentle touch that makes you forget that it is a hard porcelain material . For tea utensils, porcelain makeup that makes the liquid color look beautiful is perfect.

Black porcelain decoration: After applying black glaze to the porcelain work, it undergoes a very time-consuming process of firing again. We highly recommend the black porcelain plate, which allows food to grow , and is also recommended for restaurants. The effect of the gentle texture makes the black impression soft and easy to use.

The delicate and gentle handiwork of Daisuke Murai's work is unique in the details that are not reflected in the photograph, and everyone who actually picks it up is surprised. In order to allow as many customers as possible to see, touch and choose the works at the store, the exhibition period was set for 5 days longer than usual.

It will start from 9/23 (Friday /holiday ), the first day of the three consecutive holidays.
The exhibition can be entered without reservation on all days.

All the staff are waiting for your visit!


Daisuke Murai Biography:
1979 Born in Matsuzaka City, Mie Prefecture
2012 Graduated from Aichi Prefectural Seto Ceramics High School
2014 Established a workshop in Kamamachi, Seto City, Aichi Prefecture


Shibuya-ku Uehara 2-33-4 1st floor store
9/23 (Fri)-9/27 (Tue)
*You can enter without reservation all day.