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Article: "Atsushi Tsunoda Exhibition" online sales start at 21:00 on 3/14!

「角田淳 展」オンライン販売 3/14夜21時にスタート!

"Atsushi Tsunoda Exhibition" online sales start at 21:00 on 3/14!

The FOOD FOR THOUGHT online shop will start selling "Jun Tsunoda Exhibition" online from 21:00 on Sunday, March 14th.

The solo exhibition held at the Uehara store in February was a great success. We have received a lot of requests for online sales, but we are finally ready!

Jun Tsunoda is a very popular ceramic artist who is delicate, bold, full of speed and unique sense. He describes his own pottery style as "masculine". The potter's wheel, which must have been turned without hesitation, is bold and full of confidence, and is very pleasant and crisp. However, if you look at the details such as Rinka, Itchin's works, and cup and pitcher handles, you will be surprised at the very delicate and delicate work that is feminine. And all of them are really well-balanced, and the people who pick them up every day are carefully considered. It's a moment when you can catch a glimpse of Mr. Tsunoda's face as a family member contained in his work, and it makes you feel warm and relieved when you hold it in your hand.

It is easy to understand that it is used daily at home and is heavily used in restaurants that value tableware.

The most popular series at the 2020 "Snack Time" exhibition, "Sumikiri Rectangular Plate". For this solo exhibition, he has specially created a new "bean" size. This area is also a must-see!


"Atsushi Tsunoda Exhibition" Online sales March 14, 2021 (Sunday) 21:00-start