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Paperwhite Flower Rim Plate L

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L size has been added to the popular "Flower Rim Plate" in the "Paperwhite" series!

The 25 cm (8 inch) L size is ideal for main dishes such as meat and fish dishes. As can be said for all "flower rim plates", it has a little depth, so it is safe to use with juicy dishes and sauces. Because it is made of porcelain, the dishwasher and microwave oven are also OK. It is a piece that is easy to use even in restaurants.

The understated and delicate flower rim and the “ Paperwhite” glaze create a synergy, creating a round and gentle atmosphere as if it had been used for a long time. It goes well with any Japanese, Western, or Chinese cuisine. As you use it, the color will enter the penetration, and the texture will increase further.

I would like you to use it for a long time as a "vessel for growing".

Pair with a coffee cup from the same series for breakfast or lunch on one plate.


Japanese porcelain
Diameter: Approx. 25cm / Height: Approx. 2.5cm


* The "Paperwhite" series is a product that intentionally brings out the slight individual differences that are unique to ceramics. These include the appearance of black iron powder, spots of 1 mm or less, and color changes from blue to yellow due to uneven firing temperatures in the kiln. And we use a penetrating glaze to bring out the aging.

*There may be slight differences in shape due to the manufacturing process, glaze flow and unevenness, and slight color differences due to glaze application and firing, but there is no problem in practical use. Please note that all products are not exactly the same as they are handcrafted and not machine produced.

*Can be handled in the same way as normal porcelain products. A microwave oven and a dishwasher are OK, too. Oven and direct fire are not allowed.

*Due to the characteristics of the product, returns and refunds cannot be accepted . Please purchase after understanding.