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額賀章夫  /Akio Nukaga

Akio Nukaga

Akio Nukaga, who is making pottery in Kasama and is now popular all over the world. Yuko Watanabe, director of FOOD FOR THOUGHT, loves Nukaga's work and uses it both at home and in the classroom. He creates iconic works such as ho, kohiki, kakebun, etc. that are recognizable as Mr. Nukaga's work at a glance. The large, artistic vases can be recognized as Nukaga's work even at a glance, which is proof of a truly excellent artist.

Pleated work, which is particularly popular at FOOD FOR THOUGHT, is Nukaga's signature technique. The base kohiki is also gentle, the proportions are not sharp, and the primitive texture that makes you feel like you are directly touching the soil is so good that once you use it, you won't be able to stop using it. However, the impression is very modern, probably due to the fact that the edge rust and the foot are painted black and the top and bottom are tightened, and the accuracy of the hand that draws a slightly clockwise arc, the impression is very modern. impression. Under the bright daylight, it gives a gentle impression, but under the light from the side at dusk, the shadows come out strongly and a strong feeling appears. There are many overseas people who see this and feel that it is "Japanese", and it is no wonder that there are many fans all over the world.

However, Nukaga's work is not only artistic. From its heavy appearance, you can imagine the weight of a stone plate, but it is surprisingly light and well-balanced. The black hill looks bottom heavy, but it's completely different. Bowls and pots are well-balanced, so that no force is applied to any part of your fingers when you lift them. Mr. Nukaga's pleats work is a perfect combination of high artistic quality and practical ease of use.

Akio Nukaga N. ceramic studio

1963 Born in Suginami Ward, Tokyo
1985 Graduated from the Department of Design, Tokyo Zokei University
1988 Ibaraki Prefectural Ceramics Guidance Center Trainee in potter's wheel course
1989 Studied at Mukozan kiln 1993
Became independent in Shimoichige, Kasama City. Studio name Akio Nukaga Pottery Studio
1997 Moved the workshop to Ohashi, Kasama City
1998 Certified as a Kasama ware "traditional craftsman"
1999 Moved the workshop to the current location 2011
Studio name changed to N. ceramic studio

Akio Nukaga

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