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大谷哲也 / Tetsuya Otani

Tetsuya Otani

Mr. Tetsuya Otani's work is often used in the FOOD FOR THOUGHT cooking class, and has been highly praised by the students.
The director, Yuko Watanabe, was surprised when she used it for the first time because it was so beautiful when the food was served.

At first glance, his works, especially his wares, look like nothing out of the ordinary. The color saturation of the ingredients is greatly increased, and the appetite is stimulated.

The prospect is amazingly smooth with beautiful porcelain skin with no cloudiness. Only the thinly molded edges are filled with luster, creating a "pool" of light. This creates a frame-like effect and serves as a good support for food.

In addition, it is baked to be very durable, so it is microwave oven OK and dishwasher OK. There is no fault.

Regardless of Japanese or Western style, the perfect creations make it easy to understand why they are especially popular with professional chefs.

Tetsuya Otani History:
1971 Born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
1995 Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto Institute of Technology
1996~ Worked at the Shiga Prefectural Ceramic Technology Research Institute
2000~ Opening of Otani Pottery Factory

Tetsuya Otani

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