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伊藤聡信 / Akinobu Ito

Akinobu Ito

At FOOD FOR THOUGHT, Tokoname-based ceramic artist Satonobu Ito boasts top-class popularity. He boasts charismatic popularity for his porcelain-based color painting series and seal series using local Tokoname red clay.

Mr. Ito's works, which are always conscious of "useful vessels", are colorful but do not interfere with cooking at all, creating a pleasant communication at the dining table. The handle is very good, and the moderate thickness and weight balance that is neither too heavy nor too light are unique to an excellent artist.

Biography of Akinobu Ito
1971 Born in Hyogo Prefecture
1996 Graduated from Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Nagoya University of Arts
1999 Built a kiln in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture

Akinobu Ito

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