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亀田大介 / Daisuke Kameta

Daisuke Kameda / Daisuke Kameta

At FOOD FOR THOUGHT, Daisuke Kameda's The series of "white porcelain" and "silver porcelain" are gaining high popularity.

"White porcelain" is a group of soft works that perfectly match the modern and contemporary dining table, born from the fusion of the artist's insight into antiques and creativity. Gentle “fluctuation” fired in a wood-fired kiln is gentle on the eyes and hands, and has the power to make users feel at ease. Still, the mass of hand is solid. It also has an authentic charm. Of course, white tableware is a central part of our daily dining table, but FFT hopes that you will choose Mr. Kameda's white porcelain.

"Silver porcelain" is a labor-intensive work that involves applying sand and pebbles by hand to create matière, molding porcelain clay, firing it, polishing it, and applying silver color. For that reason, it is not just a flat silver plate, but it is attractive that each one has a completely different expression. The height difference of the sand and stones creates a difference in the hanging of the silver color, and the silver is darker and the base material is exposed, giving an exquisite expression.

Daisuke Kameta
Born in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture in 1975.
Currently making pottery in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture.

Daisuke Kameda / Daisuke Kameta

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