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北山栄太 / Eita Kitayama

Kitayama Eita / Eita Kitayama

A woodworking maker who started handling FOOD FOR THOUGHT from 2021. Made in Miyagi Prefecture.

An artist who creates high quality flower reliefs, ovals, etc., which are woodwork but very challenging. You can't miss the story behind the work, such as dyeing the work with the flower of the grandfather's memento. For the sawn things, the chisel is added at the end, and the rim is attached.

Good wood is unpainted to bring out the strength of the wood. He is also a writer who teaches us that woodworking is an art of choice.

Mr. Kitayama studied the structure of houses at a precut factory, and then learned more about houses at an ironworks. After working in the fields of store interiors, furniture production, and renovation in Tokyo, I started working as a woodworker in Miyagi Prefecture in 2017. A popular artist who creates a unique world view with the skills and sense acquired in the professional world.

Kitayama Eita / Eita Kitayama

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