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境道一 / Michikazu Sakai

Michikazu Sakai

Michikazu Sakai creates works in an anagama kiln, which has strong flames and a strong flow of smoke, and is unique and has a strong sense of coincidence. Despite the difficult environment in which the way the kiln is packed and the way the fire is fired, the result of the firing changes completely, but through repeated trial and error, his works are brilliantly controlled, resulting in surprisingly crunchy, crispy and high-quality baked goods.

While incorporating traditional techniques and glazes, Michiichi's works are very modern with sharp shapes.

Looking at the plates, there is no strange blurring or unevenness, and it is clear that they are grinding with a sense of speed without hesitation. In other words, it has a very high affinity with cooking.

At FOOD FOR THOUGHT, Oribe, Tsukishiro glaze, and Ash glaze works are especially popular.

Biography of Michikazu Sakai
1975 Born in Nagano Prefecture
1995 Bizen Ceramic Art Center, Okayama Prefecture
1996 Studied under Bizen pottery artist Satoru Masamune
1998 Built an anagama kiln in Suzaka City, Nagano Prefecture
2016 Moved to Kagawa Prefecture and built an anagama kiln and a down-draft kiln.

Michikazu Sakai

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