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三浦ナオコ / Naoko Miura

Naoko Miura

At FOOD FOR THOUGHT, the work of Naoko Miura, who is popular for her gentle and delicate handling. Even in the simple and graceful form, there are sharp character lines, and the sharp design with a sense of tension that appears and disappears here and there, it is wonderful to see glimpses of the background of your own design.

Biography of Naoko Miura

1984 Born in Obihiro, Hokkaido

2007 Joined Kuwasawa Design School and studied visual design

Since it was a night course, I worked as an assistant at a design office during the day.

2009 Started learning pottery at a pottery class in Setagaya

I will also help with glaze making and kiln stuffing.

2011 Entered Tajimi City Ceramics Design Research Institute

2013 Started production activities in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture

Naoko Miura

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