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Paperwhite / ペーパーホワイトシリーズ

Paperwhite / Paperwhite series

Rather than pursuing uniformity and rationality, the “Paperwhite” series
I think of it as a vessel for spending time enjoying the "blank space" in everyday life .

Calm alone time, time spent with loved ones.
I think what we need most right now is "margins".

The white color that I aimed for is more than "perfect white" with a high degree of whiteness.
Fluffy bulky, warm and human
Because it was close to "paper white = Paperwhite"
I named this series "Paperwhite" .
There is a white "FOOD FOR THOUGHT" logo that is not asserted on the bottom.
Japanese porcelain
Dishwasher OK / Microwave OK / Oven/direct fire NG

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