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山本亮平 / Ryohei Yamamoto

Ryohei Yamamoto

Fascinated by the world of white porcelain, he started making pottery, and says that he wants to make “natural things” as much as possible, using as simple materials and techniques as possible. Even if it looks like nothing out of the ordinary at first glance, the timeless pottery draws my attention every day. My wife Yuki is in charge of the painting work. FOOD FOR THOUGHT is extremely popular, especially at special exhibitions, and is always in short supply.

Biography of Ryohei Yamamoto
1972 Born in Tokyo
1998 Graduated from Tama Art University majoring in oil painting
2000 Completed short-term training at Arita College of Ceramics, Saga Prefecture
2007 Established a workshop in Arita-cho
2020 Constructed bamboo splitting kiln

Ryohei Yamamoto

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