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熊谷峻 個展「Prayer」オンライン

Shun Kumagai

An artist who creates a unique view of the world with the technique of "casting".

I make a plaster mold based on the wax that I molded by myself, pour different materials such as glass, soil, and metal into it, cool it for about a week, and then scrape off only the plaster and take out the work. Since the plaster mold is broken, it can only be used once, so I have to make a mold from scratch for every work.

Of course, everything is one-of-a-kind, and there is no work with the same expression as one.

From flower vases, plates, and sake vessels to small statues and objects, there are many enthusiastic fans of his works that have a strong presence that can become a statement piece in a space.
Shun Kumagai
Born 1983 in Akita Prefecture
2006 Learn glass in Akita
2012 Started production activities in Toyama
2017 Moved back to Akita

Shun Kumagai

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