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須藤拓也 / Takuya Sudo

Takuya Sudo

FOOD FOR THOUGHT's painting works are very popular!

At first glance, Takuya Sudo's work looks orthodox and authentic, but if you take a closer look, each hand-drawn pattern has its own story, and is very modern and unique. It's classy and fun, and it's different from sometsuke that just imitates old things. There is a world in each one, and you can't take your eyes off it.

Mr. Sudo looks at the overall balance so that it fits the shape and size of the work, and draws while arranging favorite motifs such as arabesque patterns and animals and plants. While learning from crafts and nature of all ages and countries, instead of copying old vessels, I put my own sense of the present into the form of vessels.

Takuya Sudo Pottery history:
1972 Born in Fukushima Prefecture
After graduating from Tama Art University, Department of Design,
After working as a graphic designer
2002 Completed Aichi Prefectural Ceramics Advanced Technical College
Produced in Kokubunji, Tokyo
March 2018 Moved to Mure, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture

Takuya Sudo

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