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境知子 / Tomoko Sakai

Tomoko Sakai

Tomoko Sakai is an artist who mainly creates smooth and soft white works with porcelain clay, as well as ambitious works that make use of the layered texture of mud and soil. Originally, Tomoko made earthenware by open burning, but after encountering the Lee Dynasty white porcelain during her training period, she has devoted herself to white porcelain.

The work is baked in a downdraft wood-fired kiln that features a gentle flow of flame. A point to see the gentle kiln change.

It is characterized by high-quality works that combine both supreme technology and organic kindness.

At FOOD FOR THOUGHT, white porcelain works, especially standing ones and bag ones, are extremely popular.

Tomoko Sakai Biography
1970 Born in Kagawa Prefecture
In 1992, when I was working for a company, my hobby was walking in the countryside.
1994 Entered Bizen Ceramic Art Center
1995 Apprenticed to Shigeyoshi Morioka
1997 Built an anagama kiln in Kagawa Prefecture and produced Nanban Yakijime
2000 Moved to Suzaka City, Nagano Prefecture.
Moved to Kagawa Prefecture in 2016 and built an anagama kiln and a downdraft kiln.

Tomoko Sakai

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