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小林耶摩人 / Yamato Kobayashi

Yamato Kobayashi

Yamato Kobayashi, a ceramic artist from Kasama who is very popular at FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

He has many fans for his precise technique and gentle handling.

His style is to keep making the same thing every day and brush up little by little every day. He is one of the artists I look forward to in the future, whose sophistication increases with each new arrival, and the tension builds up more and more.

Yamato Kobayashi Ceramic History
1983 Born in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture
2006 Graduated from Faculty of International Culture, Hosei University
2013 Completed Ibaraki Prefectural Ceramics Guidance Molding Course
2013 Studied under Akio Nukaga
2015 Independent in Kasama City

Yamato Kobayashi

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