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内田悠 / Yu Uchida

Yu Uchida

Mr. Yu Uchida, a woodworking artist who works in his hometown of Mikasa City, Hokkaido.
We are particular about using materials from Hokkaido.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT is a very popular artist whose works often sell out literally in an instant. There are many fans who are impressed by the technique that confronts the power of wood head-on and makes the power and dreadfulness of wood their own with skill and sense.

Yu Uchida
Born in 1985, from Hokkaido
2003 Joined Iwamizawa City Hall, Hokkaido
After retiring from the agency in 2009, worked at an Italian restaurant in Tokyo, etc.
2013 Entered Gifu Prefecture Forest Takumi Juku
2015 Started production activities based in Sapporo
2017 Set up a workshop in Mikasa City, Hokkaido

Yu Uchida

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