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森岡由利子 / Yuriko Morioka

Yuriko Morioka

Yuriko Morioka, who is making pottery at the foot of Mt. Koya in Utayama Prefecture.

Mr. Morioka's white porcelain is unglazed and baked as it is. The style of baking this slowly and gently in a firewood kiln and applying a reduction.
Occasionally, there are pinholes, swelling of the glaze due to air bubbles generated from the dough, and the effects of ash (yellow sesame, kiln changes, etc.) caused by firing in a wood-fired kiln, changes that cannot be seen in an electric or gas furnace. many too.
It seems that you love this fluctuation.
The combination of soft bluish colors and gentle kiln transformation creates the beauty of wabi.

Morioka's work has many fans in FOOD FOR THOUGHT as a group of works that are gentle yet clear to the core, have a heavy historical weight, and are very nourishing.

Yuriko Morioka Biography
1955 Born in Iwate Prefecture
1982 Started making white porcelain after working with Yakishime and earthenware. Visited kilns in Korea.
Up to 2020, many solo exhibitions have been held in Japan and overseas.

Yuriko Morioka

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