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We call this bag "HOLD ALL".

FOOD FOR THOUGHT bag using thick canvas fabric. We are proud of it. Off white x pure white is a clean design that reminds you of the beginning!

Although it is large in size, it has no gussets and is neat, so it does not look unfashionable and is casual, so you can hold it like an adult. The bottom 1/3 is coated with pure white paint to prevent dirt and increase durability. The logo is also pure white paint. The off-white canvas and the white layer of the pure white paint make this bag look mature.

The holdall is durable and large in size, so it's perfect for daily shopping as a personal bag (the green onions won't pop out), overnight trips, people who work with a lot of documents, and art supplies and boards. Great for working people and stylists who have a lot of luggage. The end of the handle is reinforced and firmly finished, so it won't break easily. Since it has a large capacity, we also use it to transport cooking utensils for filming, as well as tableware and cutlery.

If it gets dirty, use it while washing it in the jab jab washing machine!

The staff who carry it every day are often asked, "Where's the bag?"

Highly recommended! ! !

Width: 62cm / Length: 46.5cm
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April 2017: Opened FOOD FOR THOUGHT, a store that sells works that provide hints for a better life, centering on the artist's pottery.
September 2020: Launched “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”, a standard tableware brand that can be purchased at any time.

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July 23, 2020

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