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Article: We will start handling the works of glass artist Taku Nagaki!

ガラス作家・永木 卓さんの作品の取り扱いを始めます!

We will start handling the works of glass artist Taku Nagaki!

Hello, at FOOD FOR THOUGHT, Nagano Prefecture will start handling the works of glass artist Taku Nagaki, who is producing in Matsumoto City!

We received a large number of inquiries about Mr. Nagaki's work, and I felt that it was very popular these days. I'm sure many of you know the name of RITOGLASS.

As the first start of handling, we will start selling works at the online shop from 13:30 on December 25th.

You can already see the work, but the cart will open exactly at 13:30. If you would like to purchase it, don't miss it.

"Don't let your work play a leading role. Your work will be completed only when the customer uses it. Since it is a vessel, it is important to serve the dishes and complete it, and to be familiar with your hands."

We were touched by Mr. Nagaki's words.

According to him, "The traces of handiwork and the traces of hands are fine. There are many people who have left such traces, so I make it as much as possible with the idea of subtraction. Based on subtraction from addition, I myself Don't put out too much .. "

Mr. Nagaki used to make only glass objects. At the food event I attended in Matsumoto, I was asked for a bowl, and the people who used it were very pleased. He experienced "the work is used and connected by people and makes people happy", and he felt great joy for himself. From there, his work shifted to vessels.

As the humble words say, the works are quiet, but when viewed in chunks, Nagaki's work is very stylish and eloquent. You can clearly see the experience and confidence that you have practiced well. The smoothness and leveling of the compote, the beautiful bulge of the dome, and the cuteness of small items such as jam pots are also excellent.

Mr. Taku Nagaki's glasses have such a good appearance that they seem to have abandoned their individuality and have their own individuality. We are confident that our discerning customers will love it. Please pay attention from now on! !!

Tomorrow, December 25th, 13: 30 ~ It will be on sale at our online shop, so don't miss it! !!


Taku Nagaki Biography:
1979 Born in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture
2002 Completed the Basic Department of Tokyo Glass Crafts Research Institute
2006 Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Crafts, Glass Program
2007 ~ 2012 Azumino Glass Studio enrolled
2012-2016 Assistant Professor, Department of Crafts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tama Art University
2017 Opened glass studio "Litoglass" in Matsumoto City