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Article: 9/30 (Friday) 21:00 ~ "Shichigosan Exhibition" online sales start!


9/30 (Friday) 21:00 ~ "Shichigosan Exhibition" online sales start!

This year is the second time for the highly popular special exhibition "Shichigosan Exhibition".
Various works have arrived from the writer again this time.
We will also introduce the works in the online shop.

Sales start from 21:00 on 9/30 (Friday)
We are previewing the work so that you can check it in advance, so please take your time and look at the details, prices, etc.

When the time comes, you will be able to add items to your cart.

I would like to explain once again to customers who ask, "What is the Shichi-Go-San exhibition?"

The most frequently asked questions from customers.

"What is the most convenient size of the vessel?"

This special exhibition is FFT's answer to that question.↓

・For main dishes and large plates = 7 sun (about 21cm)
・The basics of individual plate = 5 sun (approximately 15cm)
・Convenient no matter how many you have (mamezara) = 3 sun (about 9cm)

7, 5, 3 are the size of the vessel!
Even if you arrange it in different sizes, you will have a wonderful item.
Everyone, please look for your favorite Shichi-Go-San size vessel.