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Article: "Summer Samosa and Chai" 7/22-7/24 @ Sendagaya LAB!


"Summer Samosa and Chai" 7/22-7/24 @ Sendagaya LAB!

"Summer Samosa and Chai by Ami & Timoke"

Hot summer! I hope you are doing well. Isn't there something you want to eat just because it's hot?

I'm definitely a spicy person. I want to eat spicy curry every day during the summer.

If it's this hot, why don't you enjoy the summer by eating something that makes you feel good?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT LAB will hold an event titled "Summer Samosa and Chai".

Setagaya Tsurumaki's very popular curry shop "Indian canteen AMI" and "Samosa wala Timoke" who loves samosa will open a light meal stand for 3 days only. Ami and Timoke, who returned from a hot country breeze last month, will prepare spicy samosa and a light meal called "poha" in India, full of exoticism. Drinks, of course, chai.

It's also good to have a quick drink of sweet and hot chai to reset your mood when it's hot. But don't worry! They also serve cold chai.

The menu is a small stand, but I'm sure you'll feel like you've traveled to a distant country!

The lush greenery of Shinjuku Gyoen is right in front of LAB , and a pleasant breeze blows under the shade of the trees even under the scorching sun. Relaxing on the lawn with a samosa and chai in one hand looks like a good idea! Please drop in to spend a healthy summer day. (Watanabe)


"Summer Samosa and Chai by Ami & Timoke"

July 22nd, 23rd, 24th

9:00-15:00 (no reservation required/until 17:00 on the 24th)


5-3-16 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku Lions Mansion Sendagaya 1F