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Article: Taketo Ichikawa's first solo exhibition "Outline of Air" 2/26 (Sat)-3/1 (Tue)@Uehara store


Taketo Ichikawa's first solo exhibition "Outline of Air" 2/26 (Sat)-3/1 (Tue)@Uehara store

Gakuto Ichikawa "Outline of Air" Reservations are required from 11:00 to 14:00 on the first day (reception closed). After that, anyone can enter without reservation.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara will hold Takehito Ichikawa's first solo exhibition "Outline of Air" from February 26 (Sat) to March 1 (Tue), 2022.

The title of this exhibition, "Outlines of Air," comes from the words that came out of my mouth when I visited Mr. Ichikawa's workshop and saw him actually sawing wood.

I think I said, "You're grinding the air as well, aren't you?"

Mr. Ichikawa takes a quick look at a large lump of dried lumber that most amateurs cannot predict, grasps the core of the lumber, and draws a finished drawing in his mind. We create beautiful works by making the best use of missing materials.

I was surprised to see that the chisel did not stop as though half of the material was "absent", but the chisel was still grinding along with the air. I don't think he was very conscious of it, but the air in the part where the wood was missing is part of the work. For me, who was watching from the outside, the weight of the "existence" was emphasized by the "absence", and I could see the "outline of the air" as if the sharpness was abnormally high. (← I think it's too conceptual to be expressed in words, so please take a look at the work here...)

“Ah, now that you mention it, I guess so,” says Mr. Ichikawa, who is easy-going and calm.

No matter how difficult the material is, Mr. Ichikawa will continue to grind wood and air at his own pace with the same mentality. And I thought that the accuracy of the work would be further improved by the accumulation of accurate work.

Another thing that surprises me about Mr. Ichikawa's work is how to attack the "neck". As I mentioned earlier, even if you look at fragile wood with knots and chips, you can take a big head and attack the neck part to the point of fear.

This kind of work has a thick neck, so it's natural for an artist to try to make it as thin as possible, but Ichikawa's work gives off a unique aura or a sense of tension in the way Ichikawa's work gives off such a strong proportional gap between thickness and thinness. I feel like I have the answer. This attitude does not change whether it is a small piece or a large piece.

A calm side and a competitive side of the writer himself. Beautiful work and amazing photography skills (see Instagram). As a person, I am also interested in this person.

Since this is my first solo exhibition, I am free to create my works. Not only is it practical as a standard vase, decorative stand, ring/glass stand, but it is also recommended to our customers as a statement piece to display on a table or interior.

Ichikawa's work, please try to combine multiple pieces. The outline of the air appears around the work, and it feels like the atmosphere of the place itself changes. If you incorporate it into your life, I think it will give you various "awareness".

This is a solo exhibition that I personally want many people to see. Please look forward to it.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Representative Takahiro Igarashi


Taketo Ichikawa "Contour of Air"
2/26 (Sat)-3/1 (Tue)
OPEN 11:00~18:00
Reservation required until 14:00 on the first day.

After that, anyone can enter without reservation.


2-33-4 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo