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Article: Midori Uchida's works will be handled


Midori Uchida's works will be handled

Notice to all of you.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT will start handling works by Midori Uchida. I want to deliver it to everyone all over the country, so I'm introducing it at the online shop.

We have been paying attention to Mr. Uchida's work, which has a strong presence, and has received many inquiries.

Mr. Uchida uses various firing methods to create a unique worldview. Many works are made by hand. Make a base with a ball, and then layer clay (himo-tsukuri) to shape it. After drying, it is sanded to make it smooth and then it is fired. Its smooth skin gives off an organic presence that absorbs air and light and gently dissolves. Her work, which has no identical shape, seems to grow as it breathes with its own emotions.

Mr. Uchida says, "I want my work to have an abstract or ambiguous presence as a 'thing' rather than 'tableware'."

It is a group of works with a unique vector among those handled by FOOD FOR THOUGHT. We place great importance on the depth of thought and realization that comes from having one of these works in your hands. He is one of the artists I would like to recommend.

As an introduction to Mr. Uchida, we will first introduce the white porcelain yakishime series. A pure white vessel. It's a beauty that makes you startled. After 2020 years of chaos, I want to start 2021 with a pure white vessel. We thought so.


Biography of Midori Uchida
1983 Born in Kobe
2005 Graduated from Ceramics Course, Department of Crafts, Osaka University of Arts
2007 Graduated from Tajimi City Ceramics Design Institute Currently working in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture

The cart will open at exactly 21:00 on January 23rd.
Most of them are hand-formed one-of-a-kind items and are available in limited quantities.
Please don't miss it.