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Article: Notice of the 3rd "Children's Vessel Exhibition"!


Notice of the 3rd "Children's Vessel Exhibition"!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT 3rd "Children's Vessel Exhibition"
Held at FOOD FOR THOUGHT Nishiogi from August 14th (Sat) to August 16th (Mon)

The first day of the exhibition is a full-day reservation system (reception is closed).

From the second day onwards, anyone can enter without a reservation! Please bring us to Nishiogi.

At FOOD FOR THOUGHT, we will hold a popular project "Kids' Vessel Exhibition" for the third time this year.

It's already been three years since the "Children's Vessel Exhibition" started at FFT.
1st in 2019. A family with a newborn baby who wanted to buy a work as a "memorial". That baby is 3 years old. I'm sure you're eating Morimori rice using the work from that time!
I think it's a really meaningful project that can be close to one person's most important time.

This project started with the desire to have people touch real pottery from a young age.
I want children to feel that their meals are fun and delicious if they eat them in their favorite bowls .
I want you to learn that if you don't treat it carefully, it will break.

We believe that people who take good care of their tableware will also eat beautifully, and people who eat beautifully will gather people who eat beautifully, creating a circle of happiness.

To 17 popular creators who sympathized with this thought,
Each of them made a "vessel for children" that they thought of.
This project, which has matured, will surely be a spectacular exhibition!
Some artists have actually made vessels for their own children.
Please take a look at the works that have been particular about ease of use from the perspective of parents and children .

At the children's vessel exhibition, not only for babies,
Slightly larger bowls are also lined up so that teens can find their favorites by themselves.

In addition, this year's poster is also in charge of our shop staff and dyeing artist Sumire Akasaka . Please be healed by the soft and gentle rabbit design.

Every time we have this special exhibition, there is a different and comfortable atmosphere in the store.
I think it was because the creators, customers, and everyone involved in this exhibition were thinking about their beloved children.
I am very much looking forward to holding such an exhibition again this summer.
This time it will be held at Food Forsort Nishiogi.
Of course, children are also very welcome. Strollers and bicycles can be parked.
Please come and visit us.

Representative of FOOD FOR THOUGHT
Takahiro Igarashi


Participating writer (Honorifics omitted / Japanese syllabary order):

  • Kouta Arinaga
  • Satoshi Ito
  • Tetsuhiro Iwata
  • Midori Uchida
  • Tetsuya Ohtani
  • Kakizaki Makoto
  • Aya Kameda
  • Eita Kitayama
  • Tokiko Kurokawa
  • Yamato Kobayashi
  • Takuya Sudo
  • Akio Nukaga
  • Natsu Hasegawa
  • Ryuji Mitani
  • wood lacquer and poppy
  • Ryohei Yamamoto
  • Naotsugu Yoshida


2-9-15 Nishiogi Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Toyosaka Nishiogi Mansion 113
11:00-18:00 (reservation required only on the first day - no reservation required from the second day onwards)