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Article: "Aya Yuki Exhibition" will be held from 10/22 (Sat.) to 10/25 (Tue.) at the Uehara store

「結城彩 展」10/22(土)-10/25(火)上原店で開催

"Aya Yuki Exhibition" will be held from 10/22 (Sat.) to 10/25 (Tue.) at the Uehara store


FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara will hold Aya Yuki's first solo exhibition from October 22nd (Sat) to October 25th (Tue ), 2022 .

Vivid purple glaze on a pure white base. Aya Yuki's signature purple vessel is catchy and once you see it, you will never forget it.

At first glance, purple may seem difficult, but in reality, it is complementary to the yellow-orange colors found in many dishes, and is also adjacent to the green of foliage.

In other words, it is easy to serve a wide variety of dishes.

It seems that it was not calculated in any way, and it became popular naturally, and it became a trend to continue making this purple.

This time, in addition to his usual purple and white colors, Yuki will create a truly rich variety of colors, such as pink, khaki, gray, and works that change from blue to bronze.

All of the dishes are rich in flavor and well-crafted from the consumer's point of view. It makes me feel that my work represents people.

Yuki, who makes pottery in Nomi City, originally trained in Kutani. Is the work of the beautiful potter's wheel the result? All works are based on pure white porcelain. Therefore, it is easy to handle, and its high mass gives it a luxurious feel, making it very suitable for use in restaurants, regardless of whether it is Japanese or Western.

This time, we are also making a large flat plate that is easy to use for western food. There is a wide variety of glazes, so for example, each vessel has a different glaze that is the same size, making it a professional "weapon".

We recommend Yuki's tableware, which you can enjoy the more you eat, even at home dining tables that tend to be monotone. The usual food is like a restaurant. It's a clichéd expression, but please enjoy the change of the dining table with the help of the tableware.

This time, in addition to pottery, we plan to display one-of-a-kind art pieces, popular flower vases (including large vases!), and various other items that you don't usually see.

Yuki's impression is that there are many female fans, but the gray and monotone colors with strong textures grab the hearts of men as well. White works with glitter and crystals are also the best.

Please come and see the beautiful “colors” that shine in the indigo color of the Uehara store.

All the staff are looking forward to welcoming you.



"Aya Yuki Exhibition"
OPEN 11:00~18:00

*Anyone can enter without reservation for all days.


2-33-4 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo