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Article: "May Permanent Exhibition" will be held at FOOD FOR THOUGHT LAB on 5/14 (Sat.) and 15 (Sun.)

「5月の常設展」5/14(土)、15(日) FOOD FOR THOUGHT LABで開催です

"May Permanent Exhibition" will be held at FOOD FOR THOUGHT LAB on 5/14 (Sat.) and 15 (Sun.)

A permanent exhibition will be held at FOOD FOR THOUGHT LAB in Sendagaya for two days on May 14th (Sat) and May 15th (Sun).

Until 11-18 pm. No reservation required.
You can see it slowly without being crowded than a solo exhibition.

A beautiful wooden plate came in from Mr. Takashi Tomii, a woodworking artist in Oguni, Niigata Prefecture.

Takashi Tomii “Chestnut Rim Plate”

All the staff admired its beauty.

The director, Yuko Watanabe, fell in love with it at first sight, and bought a few seats for her home, saying, "It will be a product for the rest of my life."

Chestnut rim plate is a relatively new attempt based on a traditional Nordic wooden plate. After grinding, the entire surface is shaved with a chisel and a plane, so the first impression is that it is soft and generous. It's solid when you use it.

It's quite thick, but the use of chestnut wood makes it easy to handle. Rather, its thickness makes it easy to pick up, and it is active in various scenes from breakfast to dinner.

Mr. Tomii sent me a letter along with the work, saying, "How you use it will change over time. What I recommend is to use knives as hard as you can and change them like an old wooden plate from Northern Europe." . Finished with ash and beeswax wax, there is a pleasure to grow over time.

There are two sizes, 24 cm and 27 cm in diameter.

Personally, I would like to convey the beauty of the "horizontal silhouette when layered", so please take a look at the actual product at the store.

In the permanent exhibition in May, Masayuki Miyagi's mug cup and rim bowls of 6 to 8 cm that are perfect for everyday use. The lineup also includes Yuichi Takemata's bread knife, Taku Nagaki's dome and compote, and FOOD FOR THOUGHT original products.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT LAB is in front of "Shinjuku Gyoen Sendagaya Gate". We are looking forward to seeing all of you.
"Permanent Exhibition in May"
5/14 (Sat) - 5/15 (Sun)
OPEN 11:00-18:00

FOOD FOR THOUGHT LAB (former Sendagaya store)
〒151-0051 Shibuya-ku Sendagaya 5-3-16 1st floor