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Article: "Ryutaro Yamada's White" online sales start at 21:00 on March 28th!

「山田隆太郎の白」展@FOOD FOR THOUGHT(フードフォーソート)。三島碗。

"Ryutaro Yamada's White" online sales start at 21:00 on March 28th!

The FOOD FOR THOUGHT online shop will start online sales of the exhibition "Ryutaro Yamada's White" from 21:00 on Sunday, March 28th.

The solo exhibition held at the Uehara store from February to the beginning of March was a great success, from professionals to young couples! I really felt the wide spread of popularity of Mr. Ryutaro Yamada. We have received a lot of requests for online sales, but we are finally ready.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT is a work by Ryutaro Yamada, who has many core fans. At first glance, his works, which are made in Fujino, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, look rough and classical, but they are actually very modern, elegant, and easy to use for cooking. With a background as a graphic designer and many collectors in the world of fashion and art, he is an up-and-coming artist whose future is even more exciting.

This time, as the title suggests, I asked Mr. Yamada to work on the theme of "white", but Mr. Yamada, it's not going to be easy. Please enjoy the wide range of "white" by the artist's expanded interpretation online. Some of my works are almost completely black (laughs). What shines among them are the pure white works (the photo is of a kaolin bowl), which are made by grinding kaolin, which is usually used for dressing. Although the number is small, it is very beautiful, and you will be surprised to see the innocent side of the artist.

Always working on various challenging techniques, he inherits and protects the kiln and workshop of the late potter Ryo Aoki, and puts a lot of effort into his work every day .

Please look forward to it!


"Ryutaro Yamada's White" Online sales start from 21:00 on Sunday, March 28, 2021