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Article: You can use Amazon Pay again!

Amazon Payをまたお使い頂けます!

You can use Amazon Pay again!

From today, March 18th, we have re-implemented Amazon Pay, which had many requests to reopen, and can now be used at the FOOD FOR THOUGHT online shop!

By using Amazon Pay, you can indirectly use various payment methods, greatly expanding your shopping options.

However, please note one thing:

Due to the characteristics of the product, we cannot cancel, return, or refund "after shipment", but especially when using Amazon Pay, cancellation, return, or refund is possible regardless of whether it is "before shipment" or "after shipment". I cannot accept it at all . Even if there are unavoidable circumstances , 4% of the tax-included product price + shipping fee will always be charged to the customer as a "refund fee". When processing a refund, the amount minus the handling fee will be automatically returned, so please be careful and enjoy your shopping.

The most common mistake is the size. In our online shop, the sizes of all products are specified, so please measure in advance! If you have any questions, feel free to email me.