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Article: Notice of "Satsuki Tea Party"


Notice of "Satsuki Tea Party"

On May 27 (Fri), 28 (Sat), and 29 (Sun), FOOD FOR THOUGHT LAB invited Mr. Susumu Onishi of "teteria" to hold a "Satsuki Tea Party" . I will.

Reservations are required for the Satsuki Tea Party .
Reservation tickets are available on our ticket site from 21:00 on 5/14 (Sat.)

( ) will start accepting orders.

It will be a tea party where you can enjoy the atmosphere of early summer, centering on iced tea and iced milk tea. We hope that you will enjoy not only the deliciousness of the tea brewed by Mr. Onishi, but also a pleasant time.

Mr. Onishi talked about "Satsuki Tea Party".

“We will hold a tea party at FOOD FOR THOUGHT LAB on a pleasant weekend before the rainy season starts.

May is a very exciting season when new tea arrives from all over the country. At "Satsuki Tea Party", we would like you to enjoy various flavors including new teas.

A refreshing tea soda that is perfect for early summer from spring-picked Darjeeling tea. I want to enjoy the taste of fruit, and I'm aiming for a smoother texture for iced milk tea 2022, which is getting closer to my taste every year.

From iced tea to hot black tea, we offer 5 teas with different tastes and temperatures.

All teas are served in FOOD FOR THOUGHT original mall glasses, cafe au lait bowls, and new cups. Let's enjoy it including the comfort of use.
We asked Mr. Yuichi Goto, a patissier of "equal", for the sweets. We have two sweets for you.

Let's enjoy sweets, tea, and this green season together."

"Satsuki Tea Party" at FOOD FOR THOUGHT LAB
Date: May 27th (Fri), 28th (Sat), 29th (Sun), 2022
27 (Fri) 11:00-/13:00-/15:00-/17:00-
28 (Sat) 11:00-/13:00-/15:00-
29 (Sun) 11:00-/13:00-/15:00-

(Scheduled for 90 minutes each time)

Membership fee: 8,000 yen

Reservations will be sold through our ticket site ( ).
Ticket sales will start at 21:00 on Saturday , May 14th.

All the staff are looking forward to your visit.

Artwork by Sumire Akasaka